Friday, December 10, 2010


Baking, shopping and packing...oh my! Trying to get it all done. I never, ever, have had my shopping done before the 23rd of December! Well, I take that back, It was 1983 I had it all taken care of early. That is only because my due date with Miss Marcy was suppose to be December 14th. So the nesting kicked in and I had everything ready by the end of November. Silly me, I could have waited- since baby #2 didn't arrive until well after the new year.
This year is not any different than every year before. Lots of gifts still to be bought. Most of the time I haven't a clue what to buy, that is my dilemma . I always seem to get finished, and I am for the most part, satisfied with the results. So why change now! It works for me. I can't imagine being so organized that I can kick back for the weeks preceding Christmas morning and soak up the festivities. I might be bored just sitting back waiting for it to arrive.
So, I'm off and running, just like everyone else. They don't call it the hustle bustle of the holiday's for nothing. Enjoy the chaos, for it only comes once a year...Thank goodness!

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