Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Etsy here I come.....

I have been back in the creative mode lately. Not that I am overly creative, I just like to do that kind of stuff. I had the opportunity last week to gather at the Bed and Breakfast with a group of talented women and learn a new craft. Mary Jane Butter's was in town visiting a friend of mine and I was lucky enough to get an invite. Listening to this group of women and seeing some of the wonderful items they had created made me lust to create. It made me want to feather my nest a little more than I have been lately. I began to work in my yard and drag out all the garden adornments I have and place them strategically around my yard. I still have a lot more to drag out, but I am beginning to want to spend time in my yard, which is huge progress. I dream of laying in a hammock and taking a nap in the cool summer breeze.

I have let things go for a few years and it became overwhelming to think of trying to whip it back in shape. Les and I put a good size dent in it over the weekend and I hope we can keep it going. I don't think I will ever get back to the days when I planted 10 flats of annuals and spent every morning walking around deadheading and weeding and seeing what perennial was blooming that day- but I am enjoying walking around and dreaming of things I would like to accomplish. I long to make things, go back to some serious junking and just take the time to create. It's a peaceful content feeling.....and I like it!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

I found it!

Went on a short holiday for the weekend. Loaded up my motorcycle and went east on a road trip with a couple of friends. Okay, not that glamorous.... went to Ohio Bike week in Sandusky with a some biker friends! No tattoo’s or piercings in this bunch, but not to say we didn't see some! Put several hundred miles on my scooter and saw some pretty cool places. Who knew that a trip to Ohio would reveal some really interesting, intriguing and magical places. We found a little place called Lakeside. We stopped at the Marblehead lighthouse and the Ranger told us about a place we had to check out. She said hurry, because next week they charge $25.00 to go through the gate. Who in their right mind would pay $25.00 to go through the gate I thought. I WOULD!!! My first visit was free. Like a drug dealer giving me free drugs to get me hooked. It worked! I think I want to live there. I followed our leader (the first motorcycle of the group) as we entered through the gate to what seemingly looked like a winding road to a park, then as we came upon the intersection we saw numerous golf carts shuttling people around. Then we turned the corner.... a place back in time. Blocks and blocks of colorful cottages lined up and down the streets. Each sporting a different color, a front porch and so much to take in I could barely keep my eyes on the road. People out and about just looking like extras in a movie set. Small pocket parks sprinkled around and as you made your way toward the waterfront we came upon a small main street with boutiques, ice cream parlors, old hotels, and more. All of this was just a short walk to the beach. Reminded me a little bit of Newport Beach but Ohio style. I daydreamed of riding my bicycle back and forth to the beach, eating a Tofts Ice cream cone (another awesome discovery) and making my way back to a little pink cottage with a screened in porch to sit back curl up with my puppies and watch the world go by. I'm hooked on Lakeside and I can't wait to go back and gladly pay $25.00 so they will let me in.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Summer dreaming

My head is so full of summer, there isn't much room for anything else.  I am soaking it up like a sham wow.   So please excuse me if I am not blogging much, I'm having too much fun.  I'm still trying to be fabulous, but my brain is just on vacation and doesn't seem to want to do much else.  The Summer Soltice is coming so enjoy the most sunshine we can get in one day!  Mama better be sunny!

I will be in and out..... as soon as I have something to say- I be bloggin'

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Big K.I.S.S.

Big Kiss to everyone....Keep It Simple Silly!  That is what I have been trying to do, how about you.  It just seems like everything is so complicated.  Being complicated is so overrated.  I like Simple.  Simple is good.  Makes things easier, less stressful, fun?  Getting back to the basics.  Can I do it?  Let me see- Basic cable, check - no problem.  Phone with no features, uhhhh, don't think so, need texting.  Basic home phone, check- magic jack.  Basic car with no onstar , gps or back up camera- check, don't have it - not directionally challenged and have eyes in the back of my head,  so I'm good.  Basic bicycle with 3 speeds and coaster brakes, check, I do have a basket, but I think that is pretty basic.
Remember when we didn't have all the things that are suppose to make our life easier?  Now everything is designed to give us  more time and let us do things quicker.  I think it has just made things more difficult because now we are expected to do more.  We now have microwaves, cell phones, DVR's, computers, portable phones, self propelled vacuum cleaners, crock pots, washers and dryers that are faster and use less water, automatic flower waterers, shower cleaners, and the list go on and on.  But are we really making our lives easier????? Our mothers didn't seem to have so much going on, there is too much pressure to get it all done.  I think they physically worked harder, our lives are more mental (more ways than one!)    It's a rat race and I'm tired of running!  I'm for a big K.I.S.S. right in the middle of my forehead, just like my grandmother used to give me when I was little.  :)  How simply wonderful is that!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

A warm rush has come over me

There is something wonderful about the official start of summer.  The trees are green, the grass needs cut on a regular basis, the weeds are growing and the mosquito's are biting.  Love it, Love it, Love it!!!!  When you can sit outside and feel the sun penetrating your soul,  you can't help but feel the joy.  What a memorial day weekend!!  We honor the memory of our troops- Thank you! - but we also enjoy the thought of finally shedding away the winter blues and embracing the next few months.  Thank you Mother Nature with giving us some great weather.  We will forgive you for Monday if you keep it coming.  I have faith you will :)
It's like knowing you only have a few months to live and needing to fill them up with all the fun stuff you can find to do.  Yet needing  time to soak up natures vitamin D, sit, relax and enjoy it all. Packing in all the life we can live in the few short months we have!  I am reborn...... if only until labor day.