Friday, December 31, 2010

See you later Alligator....

The end. It seemed like I could solve all my shortcomings by blogging! Chronicle the things that I have been struggling with over the years and couldn't seem to accomplish. They say if you put them out there, they are easier to tackle because 1. you have a support system and 2. you feel the pressure to conquer because other people know, peer pressure. Seems logical. At least on paper!

So the journey began, to try and turn 2010 into a positive.

First off, I re-read the entire year to refresh my memory. I have to apologize to all of you for putting you through that :) all 130 entries! After the review, some laughs, some tears, I began to analyze it all to see just what I gained from it. Although, I didn’t gain what I thought I would, I did benefit from it. My linen closet is still like it was the day I purged and organized it. My closet is still color coded, although I have added a few things and quite possibly I may need to edit it again. My refrigerator door is still absent of the clutter of life. I still weigh the same. I still feel old and tired. I’m even more addicted to the Christmas Tree Shop. The Tupperware monster still inhabits my kitchen cupboard. I became a vegetarian. I discovered new places and made some new friends (Sarah). I still have wallpaper on one kitchen wall(my biggest disappointment, and I am humiliated to admit it).  And my friend, Rose, who fostered this idea, has made more progress than I! She is amazing!

So there you go…. Back to square one with a list of things to tackle in 2011. So I am going to march into the new year with the same enthusiasm I did at this time last year, and like many years before, it will dwindle and I will do a handful of tasks and when 12/31/2011 comes along I will do it all again.

So as a ponder a new list for 2011, I want to thank you all for your support and kind words over the past year. So long Fabulous in 52, it’s been fun, Fabulous or NOT!

Oh, I couldn't leave with out a few pictures to close out the year.... Happy New Year!
XOXOXOX  Shelley


  1. Congratulations Shelley and THANK YOU!! No small feat to keep up a blog for a year. I admire you for even starting it, let alone completing it!!
    I loved being with you on the journey we called 2010 and I look forward to sharing 2011 with you!!
    I confess I will suffer blog withdrawal ... so please be sure to keep me on your e-mail list!!! Love you bunches!! XOXO, Tracey

  2. Shelley, I love the way you've decorated your blog site! It's so girly and chic! Well done, girlfriend. Also your words are smart, concise, and very amusing. And I love love love the pics! Now, please tell me that you're not finished blogging! Although I will go back and read some of your writing, I really would love to read more of your stuff in the future! Take good care and keep at it! xoJulia