Monday, December 20, 2010

Joy to the World

The final weeks are here! A quick update...did not make it to NYC. boo hoo. At the beginning of last week, things started happening. Too many and it put NYC in the too hard file. In a nutshell, I was promised a do over in the Spring, so I jumped on that one. I would much rather roam the city in Spring than bone chilling weather. So all is good, I have something to look forward to come 2011. Plus, I was a little under the weather all week, so probably better to have stayed home.

The final touches for the Holidays are in full swing. My to do list is getting re- written, condensed and prioritized. Things seemed to be falling into place. Maybe because I don't have any expectations for this year. Sad, but true. I did run up to the dollar store yesterday to pick up some more gift bags. See, I'm even taking the ez way out on wrapping! There in the parking lot was a pickup truck all decorated for Christmas. A lighted, decorated tree surrounded by giant presents in the bed... Ahhhh, what a warm and fuzzy feeling. I smiled! This year has been lost, but next year, I will fa la la la la.... Maybe I can reinvent the holidays to be joyful and fun. A new twist or tradition to mix it up a bit. Why not, maybe that is the problem, the same ol, same ol. I have a year to think about it. Every once in a while I will come across something that will kick me in the rear and motivate me and I think that pickup truck was it!

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