Thursday, September 23, 2010

Goodbye old friend :(

I am mourning the loss of my friend Summer. She is gone and I anticipate I won't see her for many long cold months. She is my best friend and I love her. During February and March I start anticipating her return. I get so excited to see her that I can hardly contain myself. I keep looking for signs that she will be coming back. A silly robin prancing through the snow gives me encouragement that she is on her way. That is nature, they know everything. Today, I am watching the squirrels running around franticly gathering and burying their nuts......they know! I know too. So, goodbye old friend. I look forward to seeing you again, soon I hope.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Just Lovely

Check this out (photo's)  Here are some lovely photo's of our State.  Picture 44 is of my new favorite place- Fish Town.
You must note....not many Winter ones.  Looks like I'm not the only one who dislikes that season. :)  Enjoy!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Not a Happy Camper

Ahhh, I have been dreaming for years about a vintage trailer. It all started when my husband’s grandmother died and there in her yard sat an old trailer. I thought it would be a great doll house for my then young daughters. We could make it into a fort for "girls only" - frilly, comfy, girly - I dreamt. Well, I convinced Les to check it out. Hole in the roof, rotted tires....wasn't something he wanted to haul home. Still dreaming.....

Several years later a friend of mine traveled south to pick up her Scotty! She bought it on ebay and she rolled up her sleeves and made it into a super sweet little get away. There it sits in her back yard doubling as retro bar. I'm jealous!
My little dream still floating in the back of my silly little brain. Over the years I would scan ebay, or check out Craig’s list, hoping I could find something that would fit my meager budget. In July as we traveled the back roads of the north, my eyes wandered into the back yards of junk filled acreage hoping I would spot a little treasure. That fueled my hope of someday owning my own.
Bingo! Several weeks ago I came across just what I was looking for. Towanda was eager to sell her father’s camper. He had owned it for 30 years and kept pretty good care of it. After several emails back and forth with her, I was pretty sure the $650.00 price tag could be negotiated and I might have finally found the vintage trailer I was pining for. A project that I could get excited over. Well, as you can imagine, it went over like a lead balloon with Les. No go. So over the next couple of weeks I let him know how cute it would become and how excited I was that I could probably pick it up for about $500.00. Finally, he gave in, but said I was on my own with this one.
Ahhhhhh, my mind was filled with all the possibilities on how my own little vintage trailer would look. I quickly retrieved the email from Towanda and found out she had reduced the price to $450.00 and wanted it out of her driveway pronto. My lucky day! My fingers typed as fast as I could - clicking on the send button -I begged Towanda to please tell me it was still available. Days went by and no response to my numerous pathetic requests. I thought maybe she was ignoring me because I didn't jump at it when I first inquired. Then I sent someone else to snoop around and find out if it was still waiting for me to come get response either. My heart was broken. My 15 plus year search is back to square one.  Oh well, I am still hoping to become trailer trash one day. I feel it, it will happen :)

Thursday, September 9, 2010

I will take an extra large Oreo Blizzard please.

People know me. They can see what's coming....... SAD. Yes, I get Seasonal Affective Disorder. It's one of the many "Disorders" I carry with me. :) Syndromes, Disorders, Ailments. I have a laundry list of them. It's called life! I do admit it's coming, I can feel it. By 8pm I am ready for bed. Sleeping all night, and some of the day and never feeling like I am recharged. Dragging myself through 6 months of Winter is taking its toll.

My friend Diane stopped over yesterday. She is a whirlwind of energy. She is ready to roll up her sleeves and get my kitchen whipped into shape. Her kids are back at school (notice she is younger than I) and she is ready for some serious fun. She told me my kitchen was a "3 bottle" -hmmm, 3 bottle? Didn't know what that meant. "3 bottles of wine and we will have this done in no time!" Is that my problem? I need to drink more???? lol. I have news for Diane, 3 bottles will but me out of commission for at least a week! Recovery is slow when your my age :) Anyway, she is motivating me. I told her when the weather turns for good, it's a go! Dusting off those wine glasses!

My other friend, who knows me oh.... too well, insists I need to start taking the vitamin D -NOW. She has witnessed way to many Winters on Blackmore to know SAD really does move in. So I am getting the D out of the cupboard and starting today. I hope it works because I am forever looking for that magic pill!  If D makes me love a good snowfall , I'm in for that one too. The only Blizzard that works for me right now is a Dairy Queen!:)

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

What I did on my Summer vacation

It seems like just yesterday we were celebrating the beginning of Summer with Memorial day. Now the sun has set and risen, it’s time to go kicking and screaming into another season. As much as I enjoy the days and evenings of Fall, I know it is just a matter of time before yard waste becomes a dirty word, my sandals find their way to the back of the closet and I begin to hibernate. Yes, I hibernate. As much as I try not to, it's nature calling me to the couch. As soon as darkness comes early, you will find me and the dogs curled up trying to wish away the Winter. I am hoping we can enjoy enough of Fall to hold Winter back to at least December. I am hopeful!

So what did I do on my summer vacation... I had as much fun as I could. It seems like it was just yesterday that it began. Those 3 months are my favorite and will always be.
Maybe you should sit back, enjoy the day and reflect on all the things you did this Summer.
Here is my essay....

What I did during my 52nd Summer.....
I no longer start my Summer vacation with the traditional last day of school. I have outgrown that. :) I am no longer in school and my children have all grown so I now have a different bench mark. I can start it earlier which is much more to my liking. Memorial day it is. Kicking off the holiday this year we celebrated my nieces engagement with a get together with the family. It was something new and exciting to look forward to. The start of watching our kids generation prepare to marry and start their lives.
June seemed to fly by. Golf was in full swing, weekend boating, breakfast on the bikes and settling into Summer was on the agenda. I think June gets you into the mode. Wets your whistle!
By July, I'm whistlin' Dixie! We enjoyed all the festivities around the 4th. It seems like you hear fireworks off in the distance forever. As many displays as I have seen over the years, I am always thrilled by a fireworks show. Just something about it! We enjoyed a handful this year and were not disappointed.  July was probably the best month. We were able to explore the mitten. I found places that the minute I set foot there, I knew I was smitten. I don't know how to describe it, but there are times when I visit somewhere I am instantly attracted to it. A connection, a peaceful happy feeling. Fish Town was one of those special places, and I hope to be back there at the end of the month for another fix!
August was a blur. It came and went so fast, I am finding it difficult to admit it is over. 31 days in a blink of an eye. We did have a few weekends of fun, but the weekdays just flew by. And now it is September..... the 7th to be exact. What happened to the 1st? I guess when you get older, the boredom of Summer just doesn't exist. Time fly’s when you are having fun. I consider the Summer of 2010 a fun Summer. Les was employed, everyone was healthy.  Makes you wonder how many more Summers you will have? 52 is not enough for me.