Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Stumbling toward 52

Birthday's always seem to trigger thoughts of where you have been and where you want to go.  I think, at least for me, that as you get older the "evaluation" of your life gets more intense and you try to get more out of it and you begin to prioritize it in an organizational manner.  I would think that would take place earlier in your life, but not so.  Shouldn't we be mastering "Il Dolce Far Niente" at this time in our lives?  I think it might be my new motto. :)  If only I could pronounce it.   As I heard the author of Eat, Pray, Love say, shouldn't we wake up every morning and say- "What can I do today to make myself happy"  Sounds very self serving, but if we really think about it we find that if we can produce that happiness, peace and satisfaction with life; we can make more positive things happen around us. 
I have one daughter who refuses to watch the news and television for that matter. She said it is full of negativity and she chooses not to bring that into her life .  Nothing wrong with that at this time in her life.  I think about how consumed we become over news items.  Kwame for example.  Should we care about him?  I became very wrapped up on that story, I don't think it was good for my blood pressure :0, but was it entertainment at his expense...probably.  But lessons are to be learned.  I always looked at it for the big picture as I do most things.  I see things for the fall out, not the original deed.  This is no different.  It's not about punishing him for what he feels is infidelity, it's about getting the city back on track and to do that you have to lay the ground work with what is acceptable behavior and what has consequences.  People have to learn how to behave better.... that has always been the one thing that puzzles me with people and the way they live.  I can't believe that we all don't know the difference between right and wrong.  This has been lost somewhere. Can we please find it?  This should be a basic human trait, like eating, sleeping, breathing then behaving.  No matter what your upbringing, and maybe that is the key word, you should have the basic ability to see right and wrong as a black and white area, not a grey area.  Bad behavior should not have a reward of any kind. I'm not talking about not having any fun, just think about it if for one second if it crosses your mind that maybe this is not a good thing to do or say.  Our society is continually rewarding bad behavior and until that stops good behavior will never rise to the top like it should.  So wake up everyday and declare " Il Dolce Far Niente" and "bee have"-it's really not that hard.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Thursday, May 20, 2010

A calmness comes over me

As I jumped into the car anticipating my visit to my psychic, a nervousness came over me.  I get it every time I make that journey to Dearborn.  I always worry about the timing.  I was late once, and since I ran into a little bit of traffic on Southfield, I used that as my excuse.  She corrected me by saying my mother was there and she told her I left late (OMG, that was the truth)  So I try to be on time!
As I work my way there, I always run through a million questions I want to ask, and a million things I might expect her to say.  I don't know why I am always so anxious since this is a ride I have taken many times.   Sometimes by myself, and sometimes with someone who wants to visit her as well.  Will she tell me I am moving, no job for Les, financial ruin, disappointment, etc.  As I pull up to 21 Danvers Court, an address I can recite from memory, I look forward to entering the little historic bungalow that to me has such a mysterious soul.  No stopping a direct path into the study where I sit next to her desk eagerly awaiting my future.  There is something that so satisfies me when I arrive.  I never want to leave, I want to soak up as much as I can in my allotted time.  Why can't I have a whole day of idle chatter with this woman who intrigues me with her ability to know everything about me and not know me at all?  I shuffle the cards and no matter what, a card always falls from the deck.  She quickly looks it over because it always means something!  She slowly lays them in a pattern, 4 different quadrants that represent different aspects of my life.  She slowly methodically goes through them. To watch her seemingly take in visions from who knows where and spit it out to where it makes perfect sense and other times it makes no sense.  It always seems to make sense on the drive home or sometime later.  My mind just can't seem to absorb it all.  I take notes, small sentences that I know I will be able to piece together later.  Things that take my breath away, things that makes a calmness come over me, things that make me ponder for a long time.  Think what you want, but there is no denying this woman's talent.  I just wish I could have just an ounce of what she has.  Although, I think I have a degree of ESP, this is far beyond that. 
She doesn't seem worried about Les job.  He will have a job doing something he has done before in another area, tap into his past.  So I won't worry, the count down begins May 25th is his last day, or is it?

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

I wish I may, I wish I might....

Wishing.... a part of life.
Things, I think, will make me content-
My own private beach, all you need is a little spot of land and some sand....

Road trip in a cool habitat
Looks pretty stress free.
A soft spot to relax.
You would find me there
every sunny day

I need a holiday.

Sprinkles always make it better.

and your wishes will come true!
What do you wish for?


Monday, May 17, 2010

Let me gaze into my crystal ball.....

Got word my psychic is back in town.  She is a smart one, she heads to California for the winter.  I have waited and suffered through a long winter and now I need to check out what is going to happen in my crazy little life.  I know she told me Les would be looking at two job opportunities...WHEN?  He is done working in a week..... nothing lined up except unemployment!   I am calling her this morning and requesting a reading.  I like to know what I am up against to be able to deal with it.   Just makes things easier.  Jump, or don't jump? 

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Rain, Rain Go Away

Another dismal day..... This is MAY darn it.  We are suppose to have days full of sunshine and happiness.  I want to be outside, not couped up inside. 
One bright spot!  I get to use my new umbrella.  Mother's Day came with a purple flowered one with ruffles.  Part parasol / Part umbrella.....How Fashionable.   :)   Can't wait to use it. Thanks Karlee!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Mommy dearest.....

With the passing of another Mother's Day, I start thinking of what kind of Mother I have been. I planned on being a perfect one, but in reality, no one is perfect and I far from it. Except my Mom of course! We appreciate them much more after we have experienced what they have.  Full circle.
I have done some stages of motherhood better than others, I am the first to admit that. I remember the early years as an exhausting joy. Loved babies and toddlers. I changed (cloth) diapers for 9 years straight, breast fed enough to do permanent damage! ( lol) applied enough band aids that I should have bought stock in Johnson and Johnson.
The teenage years were not so bad. I didn't get too much rebellion there. I think I always tried to get a handle on how I was treated at that time in their lives. If I remember it correctly, (Sue will remind me if my memory is wrong!) I didn't allow too much disrespect, I think they all pretty much knew I was the parent and when they thought they were going to try to push me a little farther than I was comfortable with, I reminded them I was the parent and they were the child. I didn't have to put up with too much crazy teenage girl stuff, the boy stuff was challenging at a few points (2 to be exact) but in light of who's son Jaime is, I think I got off incredibly easy! lol
 Les and I were on the same page as far as discipline, he let me do it...bad Mommy, good Daddy! As one of my daughters stated to the judge, "my mother is the disciplinarian", as I sat in the courtroom listening to my daughters sentence for a MIP. Mom was not a happy camper. I might never have found out about that if the judge did not require her to have a parent present. She approached Dad first.... Dad said gotta tell your Mom... yikes!  All ended with an important lesson learned.
Adult children.... I don't do that well. I am failing miserably. As a friend recently told me...They are fully longer your problem. I am not buying that one. Motherhood never ends it just evolves and I have to quit mothering them like they are children, but I just cannot help it. Might be the control freak in me, or just worrying about if they can survive without my words of wisdom?  Les says all I do is bitch at them.... I think he is right. I guess I have to let the birdies fly, but I am having great difficultly... I think they might fly into a window and hurt themselves, or that big fat cat is waiting to pounce on them,  so I am constantly telling them to watch out for that picture window and that cat is right around the corner! I have to learn to step back and quit reminding them of the things they need to do and how to do it. Hard stuff. This stage of motherhood is my most difficult, I don't know if I will ever get it right.
Maybe we beat ourselves up too much, but when it comes to our children all you want is the best for them, and all we can do is hope they understand that.....  They will- when they have their own :) Full circle.  We have all had some challenges to contend with, just a part of being a parent. We all started out in the early years thinking our children would be perfect and we would be the perfect parent. Are you laughing yet???? You then know the ending to that story, excuse me, fairy tale. It's a journey! Twists and turns, ups and down, laughing and crying.  It's still a joy no matter how you look at it, rose colored glasses or a magnifying glass.... it may be a crazy life, but it's our life, and I will always be their mother whether they like it or not!

Monday, May 10, 2010

Spring tune up time

Well, summer is fast approaching and I am not feeling like I am Summer ready. We do Spring cleaning around the house, pull out the lawn furniture, clean the Winter grime out of the inside of your car, fertilize the lawn, wash the windows and put in the screens and the list goes on. My body needs a Spring tune up! We do it for the other things in our life maybe we need a little bit of that for our bodies. I put on my shorts the other day and I couldn't believe how white my legs were- scary. I need a spray tan to hold me over.
My feet are in need of getting the Winter grime off, need a good exfoliation! They look like they belong to the neighborhood troll. I need a pedicure. Time to give Gina a call.

The winter excess baggage has not come off as planned. The bathing suit will not be a pretty site this year. Actually, it hasn't been a pretty site for over a decade. I am failing miserably at the diet and exercise thing. I think it is difficult to get this old dog to jump after a Frisbee, she just wants to roll over and play dead. Maybe I need the Purina for older overweight dogs! Not a puppy anymore! I think I have been eating too many doggy treats! :)

I remember years ago, I saw an infomercial where all you had to do was breathe correctly and you would lose weight. Wow- what an idea. Expanding your lungs to trim your tummy. Big long deep breaths would allow more oxygen in your body thus would increase your energy and like magic you would lose weight. For several days I took deep breaths expanding my lungs as much as possible, holding for 10 seconds and exhaling! Well after a week of that all I got was light headed. I just want to fold my arms, blink and nod my head and like a genie and be done with it. I am becoming so lazy!

Maybe, like another infomercial, my problem is my intestines are full of about 10 pounds of waste that have lined the walls. That infomercial says they have the cure for my extra pounds I can't seem to shed. All I have to do is give them $29.99 for the secret of getting rid of that stubborn stuff.  I think two .50 burritos could take care of that for less money.
It couldn't be that I eat too much and don't move around enough, could it?  I didn't think so.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Happy Mother's Day

Big hug to all the Mother's out there!  I hope Sunday brings you joy.  Although, I am a firm believer everyday should be Mother's day. :)   Enjoy.

My observations this week-

-My wisteria is almost in full bloom....the smell is fabulous.  It makes me sad that I only get a week out of it, but what a week.   Stop by and take a deep breath!  If I am home I will gladly offer you an ice tea, or something stronger if you would like.

-Blue nail polish is NEVER ok.

-Bishops cottage is open for the season! :)  What a great place for your morning coffee after your morning walk down Macomb Street.  Pure pleasure sitting in the gardens.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Hop skip and a jump....

The baby of the family graduated from College this past weekend. Sort of a sobering moment.  I guess when you give birth you think that college is a long way away, but it certainly seems like we skipped and jumped right along and before we knew it…ta da here we are. The day also brought the announcement of our first wedding in the family. My niece was proposed to so we have a wedding to look forward to. I am sure my brother in law and sister in law have the same emotions…where has the time gone!  Mission becomes accomplished…raising well adjusted, productive, happy children! That was my goal anyway :)
Graduation was outside, no we didn’t go see Obama speak, and it rained all the way up to Oakland University. We brought our chairs and umbrella’s to sit on the lawn at Meadowbrook and we were hoping for a beautiful morning like the day before. The day was beautiful, but not in the weather department. Rain couldn't dampen our spirits.  The umbrellas were all opened up to show off a variety of designs and to keep everyone dry. I looked around and it hit me…. We cannot be fashionable with an umbrella adverting golf balls, another college, or just too plain to get excited over. Everyone should have a beautiful umbrella! It’s just one of those things. Karlee had her beautiful flowered umbrella with the ruffled edges…so chic. There I sat under the oversized golf umbrella. I saw several other women holding tightly to some fabulous finds. Giant flowers (like the ones sold at Zara’s) leopard print, the Eiffel tower, a Monet picture, and the old clear bubble umbrella we had as a kid! Even the little ones got into it with  Dora the Explorer.. Umbrella watching was my pastime waiting for the ceremony to begin. Lucky for us about 15 minutes into the opening speech we saw the rain stop and the umbrellas were closed up and the show was over! A must have….a beautiful umbrella. Put it on your wish list!
In an hour and a half, 4 years of college came to an end and we can check her off that list….. One more to go! Miss Karlee is taking a little more than her 4 years, but she will get there and we will have another celebration. The stepping stones of life….how sweet.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Getting your money's worth.

With the sad news of Ernie Harwell’s passing, I thought about the time I had the pleasure of meeting him. As we all know, when people die they become all of the good things about them and none of the bad. I think Ernie was an exception, because he was truly a nice man. He lived a wonderful life, doing a job he loved, living his life well and by golly making it to 92 years old. Like I heard a reporter say…”he got his money’s worth” out of life. Isn’t that what it’s all about, getting your money’s worth. I think that might be a good way to approach everything! Eeekk out every little bit of everything! Is there ever too much of a good thing?  Good lesson for the day.

I just met Ernie a couple of years ago. I have a great little gig that I have had the joy of doing for the past dozen years or so. I inherited it from my mom who had done it since about 1967. When she died unexpectedly, I was given the opportunity to take over for her, which I was happy to do. I became in charge of transportation for Downriver Town Hall. This entitled me to pick up stars, authors, singers, dancers, motivational speakers, comedians, and a variety of other people who came in for the lecture series. I have met so many people this way and it has really been a fun time over the years. You think about living your simple little existence in a small community and not meeting up with the glitz and glamour of Hollywood, or the entertainment world, but I have had that opportunity and when I think about it, it has been pretty special.  My “job” is to pick up the speakers at their local hotel and drive them to the lecture hall and entertain them for about an hour before they have to go on. I am their “personal assistant” for the day. Then it’s back to the airport for their flight home. It’s a one on one for a couple of hours that has brought me to meeting up with some very famous people. I have had coffee and donuts with Larry Hagman. As a huge fan of Dallas, I was really looking forward to chit chatting with him. I told my kids I was going to pick up JR Ewing and they had absolutely no idea who I was talking about! I said are you kidding me! Larry Hagman? And then the light bulb went off and they said oh you mean Major Nelson! Ahhh, Nick at night! Funny how the generations relate to different people. In person, he was JR Ewing to the core.

Here are a few of the people this small town girl has met- Peter Falk – very rude and I threatened not to drive him back to the airport, I was ready to tell him he better be nice to me or else it was a long walk. I was convinced to take him back and in the end I had to go into the terminal and up to the desk and check him in. I walked him to the security gates, helped him on with his coat, loaded him up with his bags, put his ticket in his hand,  turned him around and pointed him in the right direction and he actually turned back and said thank you and gave me a hug. I later found out he had the early stages of Alzheimer’s and I hope that was the reason for his grouchiness.

Rita Moreno was another Diva. We kicked her to the curb at the airport and said “See ya”. Most were charming and kind, we just had a few that were a challenge. Nancy Grace was a quiet sweet woman. Put her in front of a camera and POW…what a change. I took Arlene Dahl to visit my psychic and she was impressed.  Vicki Lawrence, Shirley Jones, John Davidson, Judith Miller, Bob Eubanks (the nicest), Marcia Wallace, Sparky Anderson (what a ladies’ man ), Bill Bonds, Morton Dean, Carol Higgens Clark, Vincent Bugliosi, Dr. Will Miller (my favorite!) Jamie Farr, Heloise, White House Chefs, CIA Directors, FBI agents, Assistants to the Royal Family – Dickie Arbiter, Phyllis Diller, Dennis Weaver, Peter Strauss, Valerie Hemmingway, Michelle Malkin, and the list goes on. So for living a quiet little life, I have had an unique opportunity to rub elbows with the rich and famous and to meet the charming Ernie Harwell.