Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Taking Steps

It's been weeks...2 1/2 to be exact since my car took me to the CTS.  That's Christmas Tree Shop, not to be confused with CRS (Can't remember Sh*t) Since I suffer from both!  Also, like a true addict, I am blaming someone else (my car) for enabling me.  I must say though I have made great strides, the lobster dishes were all 1/2 price.  I picked several up, inspected them, added up in my head what I would need to create a stunning table scape, fought with the devil on one shoulder and an angel on the other.  It took everything I had to place that beautiful pasta bowl back on the shelf and walk away. But I did,  I think I am conquering my demons.  Not to say I didn't buy anything else there, but of course, they were all things I needed.  :)  I am not sure what step of the 12 step program that is, but going back to the scene of the crime seems to help.  That's my excuse anyway!
I am also working on my basement.  Some water seeped in over the weekend from the storms, it is forcing me to organize a few of the piles and throw some stuff away.  Nothing like an act of nature to make me do something that I have needed to do for quite sometime.  So even though I haven't seemed to get too many things crossed off my list because of Summer, I am still managing to get a few things done here and there.  I'm not just playing all Summer like I want to.  It sucks being an Adult!

PS- HAPPY BIRTHDAY SUE! (I won't tell you how old she is, other than she is older than me and an adult)

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Which way do I go?????

I think I will erect a directional sign in my backyard to my favorite places....  
So close in my dreams, yet so far away.  Make your list of favorite places! :)

Fish Town   301.10 miles
South Beach  1373.11 miles
Da Da's Restaurant   1321.52 miles
Lakeside  89.61 miles
Sedona  1908.43 miles
Tybee Island  921.52 miles
Balboa Island  2287.12

Monday, July 26, 2010

I spy with my little eyes.....

Fish Town, my favorite new place- want to live in one of those shacks one Summer.

Still have vacation hangover. It was a whirlwind of taking in the places I had never been before. Wasn't sure if I would ever be back and wanted to make sure I took in everything I could. Like I said before, it really was a visual vacation. When you are on a motorcycle you don't have the distractions of the other people in the vehicle and you tend to scan your surroundings quickly and intensely because, you are not stopping you are just passing through. I felt I had never traveled this way before. When I returned home I asked my Dad if we traveled North much when we were younger. I vaguely remember Mackinaw. The ferry ride, horse and buggies and fudge are a fuzzy memory. He confirmed we had been up there maybe once or twice. We were a family that went South. Which was fine with me, because you all know my obsession with the warm weather and my distain for cold. He matter of factly said we didn't go "Up North" because there was nothing up there. "Dude" I exclaimed..."you need to take a road trip" I am going to make him a list of the wonderful places we visited and make him go. He is 75 and he needs to go!  Maybe he needs a tour guide :)

When I see a friend I am always asking - Have you been here or there???? Most have. I feel maybe I missed something in my youth yet I do think I appreciated it much more at this age. No distractions.... I'm sure in my youth I would have been fighting with my 2 sisters in the back seat of the car. Caring less about the quaint towns, architecture, natural beauty. I do know this.... I must take my "grown" children on an adventure to Mackinaw, they have not been there. One of those things every Michigander should do! Humm.... a bucket list entry for sure.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Weight a minute, where has the time gone?

Today is my eldest child's 28th Birthday.  WOW- where has the time gone?  28 years ago I lost about 10 pounds in a matter of a few hours and few more in the following days.  Like I said before, I now weigh more than I did when I was at full term, actually full term for me was 10 1/2 months.  My mother always said I had the gestation period of an elephant.  My kids must have been happy to stay in the womb a little longer .... they appreciated all the good nutrients they received from the ice cream, cakes, and the abundance of food I couldn't help devour. 
Again today, I stepped on the scale.  You know that is one of the goals I was trying to reach, weight loss, but I am struggling to get there.  I guess it has been going on for 28 years now, so why would I think 2010 would be the magic year.  As I placed my two big feet on the scale, the needle took off and halted at the 160 AGAIN.  I am beginning to think I need a new scale, this one surely must be broken.  No matter what I do it always stops at 158-160.  I jumped on a scale at a friends thinking my cheap Target one wasn't any good.  Well, they must have bought a cheap Target one as well, because it is broken too!  It stops at 160!
Oh well.  I guess until they come out with a scale that works, I will just have to settle for 160.  It's taken me 28 years to get here, so as they say, I should have 28 years to get back down to my pre-pregnancy weight of 120.  Oh, I forgot, the last time I gave birth was in 1988 :)  Thank goodness.... I think I will take 160 lbs over pregnancy at this point in my life-

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Class is now in session

Riding a motorcycle for days is almost like being in solitary confinement. No real interaction with other people when you are in motion. Like looking through a window at the world. An occasional "motorcycle wave" to the other bikes you pass, a brief comment to the other riders in your group when you stop at an intersection. Universal sign language helps you communicate. It's just me, myself and I taking in all the sights and being able to absorb them and analyze what I saw, it's a different way to travel. They say when you lose one of your senses your others kick it up to compensate and funny enough it's true. My eyes were it!
One of the things that were very apparent to me were the different classes of people that made their homes in the North. Traveling the back roads we saw the poorest of families trying to live with barely a roof over their head. Their make shift homes were old trailers that had been added onto with whatever they could find to add a few more square feet. No city code in place here. Broken big wheels, rusted bikes, toys for the poor? Trying to make extra money by selling firewood to the tourists for their campsites. Everyone seemed to have something for sale, lined up along the road just waiting for someone to come along and put an extra couple of dollars in their pockets. You just wonder how they make it from day to day, because you cannot figure out where they could be employed because there just isn't much up their outside of town.

Do they worry the same way we do? Think about what you worry about and wonder if someone in that environment worries about the same things? Sobering thoughts.

When you made it to town you discovered the wealthiest of families enjoying their Summer homes. The lakefront homes with sun kissed children running around enjoying all the toys they can accumulate on the shore. Jet skis, pontoons, dune buggies, water ski's, water trampolines, even a few sea planes dotted the coast line. I think the biggest gap in class was never more prominent than in Harbor Springs. Now mind you, these are places I have never been so it is all new to me. Taking it all in for the first time.  As we approached Harbor Springs it was almost like crossing over from Detroit to Grosse Pointe. It was a sudden change. A simple road as a definition. 
Harbor Springs almost gave me the creeps. As beautiful as it was, it seemed fake. A movie set we had stumbled upon? The homes were perfect, the people walking down the street were perfect, the store fronts were perfect, the blades of grass were so green and perfectly manicured, not a weed to be found. If not for the for sale signs dotting the landscape, I would be hard pressed not to think it was a back lot of a film studio, built for a Steven King novel... everything so perfect, there must be a sinister undercurrent present. But, I know it was real, those for sale signs were the clue. I have solved the mystery. The very poor and the very rich all have the same issues. Right now it's money! So different, yet so much the same.

Monday, July 19, 2010

I'm baaaaccccckkkk.....

Made it safe and sound.  Well... maybe not sound! :)  My first bike trip that lasted more than a weekend.  9 days, almost 1500 miles and sooooo much to see.  I feel like I just lived through a "Pure Michigan" commercial.  I am exhausted, sore, windblown, suntanned, and bug splattered.  An adventure it was!  You will be hearing about tidbits of my travels in the next couple of blogs.  For now...... the couch so I can recover!  This girl needs a rest!

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Friday, July 9, 2010


I am an addict. After re reading several entries I have come to the conclusion that I have not kicked my habit of dragging things home. As much as I try to purge and simplify, I just can not help myself. I might need a 12 step program. If I don't get to the Christmas Tree Shop at least once a week, I feel I have missed something. Every week I yearn for the lobster dishes. A whole set of dished dedicated to seafood. They also have plenty of accessories to make a table scape to die for....but literally it would be to die for. The only reason why I don't add them to my collection is because I am allergic to seafood so to have dishes dedicated to seafood would reveal my addiction and I could not deny it. But I do love them.
I am still actively curbside recycling as well. Found a cute little chair on the side of the road, that looks like it is for a child. My daughters call it the Blues Clues chair. I think it will make an outstanding pet bed for my grandogger Parker. Because it's red, it won't match in my home, so I will send it over to Parker. I am sure he will love it.
What have I gotten rid of to make room for my new treasures...not enough that is for sure.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010


Have you ever thought about your friends and how each of them adds a little something to your life.  Of course, they would not be your friends if they didn't enrich your lives in a positive way.  I think we take a little bit from each of them, like facets of a diamond to become the gems we love.  I have a few friends that make me laugh, a few I can bounce ideas off of, quite few that have husbands that get along with mine and make great couple friends, a few I can have stimulating conversations with, a few I can travel well with, a few I consider my BFF's. Many I have had for ever, and I am grateful for that.    There is no time for people who we dread running into in the aisles of Kroger's, we want only good friends to occupy our days.  I am going to celebrate my friends and thank them...just like James Taylor does.  "Thank you for being a friend" 
I love you man!