Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Tick tock, Tick Tock

We are winding 2010 down quickly.  2010, boy doesn't that almost sound like a space odyssey movie.  I cannot believe the future is that far upon us.  I took a minute to go back and read my post of Jan. 11th.  There I named 10 things that were important to me this year.  I must say that many have become less important over the year and others I have not really mastered, and I could add a few new ones to the list.  Being the procrastinator that I am- the eleventh hour is upon me- and I am scrambling to achieve some of my goals so I don't feel like a failure at the end of the year.  Yesterday, I finished removing the wallpaper in the kitchen nook!  Felt good about that one, until I looked in the kitchen itself and noticed I still have a wall left in there.  I will get that done, I promised myself, and at this point I think it is possible!  Over the last week, we did get a few of those nagging items crossed off the to do list.  I even accomplished a little Christmas shopping to boot.  So things are running smoothly at the moment.  Yeah, a little calm before the storm!  I know it will be short lived, but I think I will enjoy it for now, because you never know what tomorrow will bring!

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